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Metal stamping and machining

Working for more than 20 years in the field of metal stamping, Groupe Industriel Lachance has developed an incomparable experience. Specializing in stamping and several types of metal processing, Groupe Industriel Lachance remains a leader the Granby area.

We are an efficient turnkey solution for a lack of equipment or labor in your factory.

From the design of your parts to the production chain

We offer an alternative subcontracting solution specializing in the machining of metal parts as well as stamping of metal parts of all kinds to help you manage your manufacturing project.


Innovation and quality

are the two basic principles of our products and services.

Groupe Industriel Lachance - Estampage de métaux à Granby

Increasing our production capacity now allows us to be much more flexible in serving our customers while providing quality services. We thank you for your interest in the company.

Groupe Industriel Lachance inc. Metal stamping and machining