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CNC Machining

We have the capacity and flexibility to adapt to customer needs. An impressive number of CNC machining centres ranging from 3 to 5 axes. A proven expertise in aluminum extrusion machining.


A unique capacity for long parts (up to 25 feet / 7.7 meters).


The cutting process is key in order to obtain a precise length prior to machining or other fabrication steps.


Automated cutting specialized for aluminum extrusion.

Metal stamping

We are equipped and positioned to accompany customers with their projets and growth. Automated lines and manual stamping depending of the type of material and production volume.


55 to 500 tons presses. Large production capacity.


Materials: steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, PVC.

Aluminum extrusion with fabrication

The use of parts fabricated from aluminum extrusions is growing rapidly throughout various industries. We have the expertise and knowledge to guide and accompany customers with the developement phase, raw material, fabrication processes and finished parts.

A qualified network of subcontractors with complementary services


Design and fabrication of tooling per part prints and production equipement. Jig, fixtures, custom tooling

Coatings and platings

Powder coating, liquid paint, anodizing, plating & galvanizing.

Laser cutting / Water jet and bending

Aluminium & Steel.


Aluminium extrusion & Steel.


Aluminium & Steel.


Sub-assembly of components after fabrication. Installation of rivets or other hardware.